All participants have access to the UTRUST Wallet with which they can make payments using UTK (a cryptocurrency).

Everyone starts with 400 UTK which is enough balance to allow them to "buy" the Pixels' T-Shirt.

In the UTRUST Booth there are multiple ways to earn or spend the currency. Additionally, all those who participate in the UTRUST Hackathon challenge are also able to provide more shops where UTKs can be spent.

Biggest UTK Spender

All participants who spend more than 600 UTKs will get a flat amount of KAIs. The top 10 spenders will get even more KAIs!
You just have to make sure the github username of your account matches the one you used for pixels' registration.

Top UTK Salesmen

Create your own store accepting crypto with UTRUST and become the most fierce salesman on the venue!
All you need to do, is send us the link of your online store.

The 3 stores with the most revenue (UTK obtained from selling items) will win incredible awards that will be announced soon!

These challenges will be closed 3h before the final pitches (at noon), after which we will review & evaluate all eligible teams.