Pixels Camp v2.0 Launchpad

If you’re a beginner in the entrepreneur world, we can send you to the moon!

Maybe you’re a student with passion for tech, or you want to test your new startup idea. High tech skills not mandatory. Creativity is your ticket.

Are you up for it?


up to100.000€in prizes

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    industries and examples


    Sponsored by Sonae MC

    • Forecasting algorithms that accurately predict sales based on internal and external factors (e.g. weather).
    • Create an optimized, scalable, and self-adaptive set of logistics algorithms to optimize standard and reverse logistics.
    • Propose a software tool to display additional product information or provide “endless aisle” applications in-store.
    • Promote product quality through the introduction of new sensing technologies and approaches, such as processing of available unstructured data.
    • Empower store associates by augmenting them with new technologies supporting customer assistance, checkout, and other in-store processes.


    Sponsored by NOS

    • Use an NLP engine to analyse, understand, and categorize Call Center interactions.
    • Create a data visualization tool based on social graphs.
    • Suggest data visualization and engagement solutions for telco data.
    • Create an access management solution to monitor usage across an enterprise’s application ecosystem.
    • Propose M2M solutions at lower costs.
    • Increase the capabilities of STBs to enable a smart home environment.


    Sponsored by Sonae FS

    • Propose advanced credit scoring models.
    • Use AI technology to improve customer service.
    • Create solutions to improve client engagement (e.g personalized promotions, learn about offers and products).
    • Come up with advanced authentication solutions – how to (identify and) pay on the move? (e.g. “extinguishing bus tickets”).
    • Make a new approach to store checkout (e.g. grab and go).


    Sponsored by Grow Health CUF

    • Create a demand prediction algorithm for CUF hospitals.
    • Develop an indoor hospital navigation solution, with gamification features.
    • Figure out how to monitor newborn biometrical information, remotely.
    • Define a system for tracking medical equipment.


    Sponsored by Galp

    • Figure out ways to engage with customers while they fuel up their cars.
    • Use emotion analysis and customer segmentation to improve customer satisfaction in the Call Center.
    • Create pricing algorithms to match supply (market prices, production mix) and demand (consumption peaks, weather, customer profile).
    • Use chatbots to interact with clients on social networks and provide marketing tips while in store.
    • Track gas cylinders on the supply chain and provide analytics on their usage as to avoid running out of gas and promote new purchases.
    • Develop a client-facing app to monitor home energy consumption.
    • Interact with Galp customers on-premises, or at competitors’ stores, using beacons or push-notifications through a mobile app.
    • Propose a solution for measuring in-store customer satisfaction.

The challenge

The potential of recent technological advancements is yet to be fully realized by large corporations.

Our aim with this challenge is to foster the adoption of promising technologies among corporations and help develop new companies.

It consists in presenting an idea, a fully developed product, or something in between, in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented/Virtual Reality and Cybersecurity, as applied to five key sectors: Retail, Telco, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Energy.

Selected candidates will present their solution to a panel of decision-makers from leading enterprises during Pixels Camp — an event gathering the tech community from Portugal and abroad, taking place in Lisbon between the 28th and 30th of September, 2017.

Winning teams will be offered cash prizes along with the opportunity to further develop their solution in close proximity to the industry and their target clients. Bright Pixel will help teams during a six-month program including tech support, business mentoring, networking with partners and clients, and links to both the portuguese and international entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Who is it for?

This challenge targets talented individuals or startups taking their first steps towards building a product or service in the previously mentioned domains.

Regardless of whether you already have something developed or are just starting, we welcome any talented teams with entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to learn to develop something really innovative.

What are the prizes?

  • UP to €100.000 in prizes.

    • Global winner: €10.000
    • Selected sector winners: €5.000 for each team
  • To all winners:

    • Workspace at Bright Pixel for 6 months
    • Bright Pixel’s Technical mentoring for your project (€6.000 value)
    • Business mentoring from specific vertical sponsor (€5.000 value)
    • C-Level meetings with specific vertical sponsor

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions, check the Terms and Conditions below.

For additional information or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected] using “Pxl_launchpad” as the subject.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Context
  • 2. Goal
  • 3. Eligibility
  • 4. Competition
  • 5. Applications Evaluation
  • 6. Awards

Pixels Camp v2.0 Launchpad

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