v3.0 21-23 March 2019 Pavilhão Carlos Lopes Lisbon, Portugal


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Walter Belgers


Active in the security and computing science field since age 8, he has experience in setting up security systems, international roll-out, education, auditing and pentesting. Walter was involved in the lockpicking scene since before The Open Organisation of Lockpickers was founded. He is going to show us the security flaws in locks and how similar they are with the world of software development.

Chris Messina

Open Source 🥑

Chris is best known for inventing the #hashtag. He pioneers initiatives before most people realize they’ll be important, for example: co-organizing the community that launched Firefox, creating Google Developers, opening the first coworking spaces on earth, and starting BarCamp (the unconference).

John Graham-Cumming


John Graham-Cumming is Chief Technology Officer at the Internet performance and security company, CloudFlare. Known for writing The Geek Atlas and for having successfully petitioned the UK government to apologize for its treatment of Alan Turing. He will be discussing the latest efforts to protect web traffic from increasingly sophisticated attacks.

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Developers from all over Europe stop their lives for 3 days, to work on a project and feel the adrenaline of presenting it to over 1250 fellow programmers, during our famous 48h programming competition


Pixels Camp is about collaborating and learning.

The event spans to more than one hundred talks and workshop about creativity and technology in a highly diversified range of topics


We have a dirty little secret: we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Fun activities are our pride.

We thrive to create something you can’t measure with any metric: humour, friendship and loads of smiles


Some of the most innovative and motivated people in the tech community, joined under one roof and one Slack


We embrace diversity with the Pixels Camp is for Everyone initiative, and the Code of Conduct

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Pavilhão Carlos Lopes

Av. Sidónio Pais, 16,
1070 - 051 Lisboa

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 38.7289058
Longitude: -9.1517888

Public transportation

SUBWAY: Parque, Marquês de Pombal

BUS: 702, 732, 744, 746, 748, 711, 712, 720, 723, 727, 736, 738, 753, 783

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